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Emirates Airlines - Head Quarters
P.O.Box: 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+971 (4) 295-1111
www.emirates.com ( info@emirates.com )
Physical Address
Airport Road - Marrakesh Street Junction, Al Garhoud
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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User Reviews Overall Rating (54 Reviews):
Complaint Worst Post Travel Service
By Barry Vaughan (New Zealand) - Mar 27th, 2018
Travelled business class from New Zealand to London, Nice to Dubai, Dubai to Auckland. We were charged excess baggage leaving Nice yet same bags and contents were weighed at Dubai with a 21kg difference between Nice and when weighed at Dubai. Original complaint sent online 25/11/2016.... More >>
Worst Customer "Service"
By Omer Abdullah (Herndon, VA., USA) - Feb 15th, 2018
I was injured in-flight on board EK 0232 on Dec. 20, 2017, due to a drunk passenger attacking another person, when the were fighting very close to my seat. Despite umpteen reminders, Emirates has done NOTHING.
Customer complaint
By Derek Woodin (Thailand) - Dec 30th, 2017
HI I am writing to you as I have a serious complaint relating to an experience in Durban South Africa recently. I have communicated with your JHB and Durban offices, but am being given the run around. Please advise e mail address that I can communicate with at Emirates , Dubai... More >>
By Laila Alhilal (Saudi Arabia) - Oct 18th, 2017
Misleading mid treated and not giving the right seat and been threatened
By H sbuhammad (Usa) - Oct 10th, 2017
I made reservation by phone w Emirates in Usa trip dfw amm via Dubai I ask for seat 24 by window by exit I usually take when I fly on u airline every other year I am 61 years old man works for Pizza Hut as D Mgr when I call to confirm they said no it’s in middle I said no should be... More >>
Sir David Kershaw
By David Kershaw (Manchester UK) - Sep 8th, 2017
I have collected 558,207 air miles and have tried for the last six months to use them on a flight from Manchester to Brisbane for 2 people in first class (540,000 mile). Despite numerous calls to your call centre in India I have not been successful. I have clearly shown loyalty to... More >>
By Lisa Schrier (Australia) - Aug 9th, 2017
My mother and father were flying business from London to Australia, unfortunately, my mother passed away prior to take off. Emirates were so helpful and understanding they looked after my father who is 80yrs old and sent in a Bereavement Councillor to make sure he was OK and worked with... More >>
mr Shyam Poddar
By SHYAM PODDAR (NEW DELHI) - Jul 28th, 2017
please refer to the complaint no(Ticket: DE02-4645168) further mailno 22059120 which are self explanatory. but deeply regret no action yet has been taken so for despite of so many correspondence even with CUSTOMER AFFAIRS AND NOREPLY HAD BEEN GIVEN yet. Hope you will take necessary action keeping in light of high standard of EMIRATES.
bad bad bad experience of my life
By Sha Zargari (USA) - Jun 19th, 2017
I have called a ticket from a travel agent for my wife to go to see her sick mother in Tehran Iran, the travel agent ask for more money, so If I ever want to change ,it will be ok. but when I called to change the ticket for my wife the person at emirate told me that I have to pay $669... More >>
Rosemarie Armstrong
By R Armstrong (Dubai) - May 16th, 2017
A mess! I have travelled Emirates with pleasure for the past 25 years and have rated it as the best experience. A large question lies today as a booking I made in early 2017 for travel at the end of May is being tossed around by Emirates. Changes are made without consulting me and I... More >>
Mrs J Gibson
By anonymous (UK) - Apr 2nd, 2017
I have written to your company about the bad handling of the disrupted flight EK 405 from Melbourne to Singapore on the 29th March 2017. The lack of any Emirates representative at the airport and later at the hotel provided is a severe mistake on your part. No apologies were made by the... More >>
Mr.kamal a. Malek
By kamal a. Malek (houston,Texas) - Feb 14th, 2017
I traveled from houston on 9-11-2016 to Cairo and return back from cairo to houston on Oct.@5 2016 My wife was with me ,She have disability ,was doctor certificate approved by your medical team,she was neglect and abuse during her travel with emirates staff. I wrote complaint and the... More >>
Unfair Deal
By Obeng (Ghana) - Jan 17th, 2017
Iam quiet suprise of unprofessional treatment of Emirates. We are travelling on medical visa, after they confirmed the ticket at their main office in Ghana, they then gave as a medical form. Since we couldn't meet the deadline, were were not only refused to check in but was also asked... More >>
Mr. Dave
By anonymous - Dec 9th, 2016
All hard work of Mike Simon went down the drain. Pathetic service. Moreover, they are one of the most expensive airlines. Racist
Pathetic customer service by Delhi office
By anonymous - Aug 24th, 2016
I was relocating from Dubai to Delhi on 5th Aug and had total 4 bags with all the necessary stuff. due to the incident happened at the Dubai airport on 3rd, my luggage also got stimulus and I received it after 2 weeks. when discussed this with dubai customer care, they said that that... More >>
Mrs Anna
By anonymous (Australia) - Aug 9th, 2016
A 380 Business class flight 1/8/2016, EK 434,DXB -BNE. Food uneatable. Steak like the sole of my shoes. Bread Rolls hard as rocks. Crew unprofessional and obnoxious. Their priority is to chat to each other in the back of the A 380 rather than actually serve the light bites to the... More >>
By John (Auckland) - May 22nd, 2016
Hi. Came buck Brisbane - Auckland on your great airline last Friday. Great flight and crew except for the food. Total CRAP to the point of being uneatable. Buns were about 3 days old and the main was tasteless garbage.
Cabin crew
By cornelius (Zambia) - May 6th, 2016
Dear Hr, i write to ask you that you didnt contact me after i applied for job as cabin crew
By Graham Patterson (Empangeni South Africa) - May 3rd, 2016
I lodged a complaint on 30 March 2016 regarding poor service and no entertainment system on my return flight from Dubai EK775 28 March 2016. Thus complaint was lodged online on the official Feedback Complaint form. My electronic reply, Ref. JNB/X/SG/300316/7112782 stated that I will... More >>
mr aldo ferretti
By anonymous - Apr 20th, 2016
wanted since years a frequent flyer card from emirates, but...to receive same at hoopenburg guesthouse in muldersvlei, pob 337 in klapmuts 7745 south Africa??????????????? as ex sr staff in 39 countries and ex ceo swissport brasil???
Fraud and cheating
By Marjanca (Osaka) - Apr 12th, 2016
I have a reservation for two tickets departuring next month. I checked baggage allowance on baggage calculator and it was 30 kg, but when I got tickets It was written that I am allowed to bring two bags of 23 kg but the size shouldn't be more than 150 cm. we are two people and will have... More >>
baggage loss
By Tanveer Hussain Kazmi (Rawalpind Pakistan) - Mar 10th, 2016
on 23rd December 2015, while traveling with family from Dubai to ISalm Abad I had lost 10 bags and PIR ISBEK36764 was lodged without loss of time,B.I.F were also submitted NO reply/response is give to me despite my 7-8 emails and telephone calls. Just gain to time I am being compelled... More >>
By anonymous - Feb 26th, 2016
Since last June I have tried to resolve my complaint with the airline but nothing has been done. There was vomit in front of my pocket sit, my suitcase was damaged, the food was horrible, the toilette's were filthy and the service was very bad. They say we do treat our passengers very... More >>
By Diane - Nov 5th, 2015
On 26May 2015 travelling to London from Australia I reported and incident on board to the chief stewardess where I was hit on my left shoulder by the service trolley while I was asleep in my seat. She informed me that she has made a note of my complaint on my profile. The treatment of... More >>
accident on board EK405/26May
By Diane - Nov 5th, 2015
I was hit by the service trolley on my left shoulder while on board this flight from Melbourne to London. I complained about this to the chief Stewardess who attempted to relocate me into a seat worse than where I was sitting but assured me that she made a note of my complaint and I... More >>
medical baggage
By Carolyn (UK) - Sep 15th, 2015
I am a frequent traveller with a medical condition. I need special supplies and in the 30 years I have been travelling I have never been charged for them. Emirates only recognise certain things and discrminate against others treatments/condition. Discounted excess baggage is a start but... More >>
It was our funeral
By colin (Stafford UK) - Aug 16th, 2015
We travelled from Manchester to Tokyo via Dubai.Our flight arrived in Dubai 2 hours late.We were due to go to a funeral the following day in Japan.On arrival in Dubai we were rushed to the connecting flight.It departed over an hour after we arrived in Dubai. Our luggage did bot get to... More >>
Ill treat by Emirates staff/I need my money back
By Mohd. Afzal (Abu Dhabi) - Aug 10th, 2015
Part-01: On 01,July,2015,myself & my wife were to travel from DUBAI to DHAKA,via EK584,departuring 13:15hrs.We travelled from ABU DHABI. We got Our boarding pass: Seq Number 88 & 89 Seat no. 20A & 20B.It was Ramadan & we were fasting.We had a little time & we went to mosque inside... More >>
Miracle help
By Ted Switaj (Australia) - Jul 13th, 2015
Deporable service by Singapore Airlines(Scoot) and British Airways from Sydney to Paris… Emirates staffer, Jasbir Kaur at Singapore Airport at 9.02pm Saturday 20th June, 2015 within 25 minutes (with superior's approval) changed one flight to an upgraded flight 0:50am Sunday to Paris... More >>
airline with no ethics or customer service.
By Dilsher (India) - Jun 6th, 2015
Kindly treat this mail as a registered legal notice and greviance letter. This is to bring to your notice, the treatment that I was given by the Emirates staff while going from Los angles to Delhi on 5 June 2015 on flight ek 216 seat 75 H.. As I approached the check in counter, I... More >>
Let down as Emirates did not reach their USP
By Berkey (England) - May 24th, 2015
I submitted a complaint to Emirates as they failed to supply a driver for a 98 year old customer who was traveling in business class. We were kept waiting at Melbourne Airport for 2 hours till a driver was found eventually. So much for a seamless service from door to door. This was a 30... More >>
By LAROCHE (France) - May 7th, 2015
When you send a letter of complain to EMIRATES AIRLINE at the ACTUAL adress (the one above) EMIRATES GROUP return the letter back (without opening it) with " UNKNOWN " as it seems they do not want to read anything !
where is my shipment paper? ?
By amin (khartoum ) - May 5th, 2015
I send shipment to dubai by emirates airline I can't take it from ther cause ur ppl lost the paper .now they asked me to wait ..and im waiting 4 days until now
By Janet Peters (Sheffield) - Apr 21st, 2015
I have never known a company to be so hard to find proper contact details for - it is clearly deliberate as they do not want to hear from unhappy customers. I have made two complaints via Emirates website as per their procedure and received two automatic responses but no proper contact.... More >>
By Holly Keefer (USA) - Apr 5th, 2015
My luggage was pilfered from Cape Town to Washington DC, with an overnight in Dubai. These people know what they are doing as only small valuables and cash were stolen. I am smart enough to not check cash, but had forgotten that my emergency stash was in a zip pocket of a handbag. The... More >>
Destroyed contents - guitar
By Dariusz (Autralia) - Feb 16th, 2015
My guitar on arrival was broken in half. It was accepted in Auckland New Zealand as "Fragile", but it must have been treated as a heavy suitcase ...despite 3 stickers saying FRAGILE. The response from the airline is that they are not responsible for the content. WHY TO ACCEPT... More >>
baggae issue
By Arunkumar (india) - Feb 7th, 2015
Myself Arunkumar Basappa Kandati, I was traveling with my friend from Dubai to Bangalore on 05.02.15 at 9.50 Dep flight no EK 568. My and my friend luggage was 68 Kg and all baggage were booked undermy NAme and i paid extra amount of 8 kg (640 AED). But during Immigration i was stuck... More >>
By anonymous - Jan 23rd, 2015
I Have sent a quary to Emirates Customer service in South Africa , they said they will address my issue within a month , that was 18 December 2014 , i sent a few mails , when they finally replied they said they working on it , its now been over a month i still havent sorted my issue .... More >>
Discriminatory Baggage Allowance
By Abdul Hamid (Toronto, Canada) - Oct 31st, 2014
I booked my ticket in October 2014 and flying from Canada in December 2014. The baggage dimension allowance for tickets booked before November 15 is combined 107inches, and bookings after Nov 15 will be allowed 118 inches dimension. This is discriminatory for passengers travelling in... More >>
Customer Service
By Jean Smith (Lancashire, UK) - Oct 31st, 2014
After a recent return flight Manchester11-Dubai, I experienced the worst customer service ever on a journey, particularly before the flight when my seat had been moived 19 rows back, away from my selected seat adjacent to my friend. To make matters worse, when I tried to discover why, 2... More >>
Help, Please
By Colleen Gaile Jenkins - Sep 11th, 2014
Does anyone know who I can contact to help me get many excess bags of Humanitarian Aid from Seattle to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia? I have tried everything I can think of and not been able to get any where - there has to be someone who can make the call to allow it. Other airlines and lots of... More >>
Lost a Samsung tablet in flight
By Wasim - Aug 22nd, 2014
Dear Sir/Madam, I, Wasim Akhtar Farooqui travelled in Emirates Airlines from Bangalore to San Francisco (Via Los Angeles) on 16th Aug 2014. I had a reservation (ID: KTBXBF) with following details: Flight Depart / Arrive Airport Terminal EK569 16 Aug 14 Bengaluru (BLR)-... More >>
Lost item during travel with Emirates
By Yogesh MUDHOO (France) - Jul 4th, 2014
Dear Madame, Sir, I, Yogesh MUDHOO, had a reservation on your flight (Booking reservation: KXFFW6) with the following details: - Flight Emirates EK 0702 Mauritius-Dubaï on 11th May at 18h20 - Flight Emirates EK 0075 Dubaï-Paris on 12th May at 15h00 My baggages were in... More >>
mrs elaine kenyon
By elaine (lancashire UK) - Jun 8th, 2014
hi please can u help me we have flown with u many times to perth to my brothers, my husband is disabled and this will be our last time of travel due to his poor mobilty, could it be possible for a good will gesture to be uo graded as im a full time care and work for the nhs i feel my... More >>
ligne émirates france
By FARINA Frédéric (france-marseille) - Apr 25th, 2014
bonjour je vous écris de la France.nous attendons comme des milliers de francis l'ouverture de nouvelles lignes en France notamment à Marseille.émirates a demandé de nouvelles lignes qui sont refusés mais émirates pèse beaucoup dans l'économie den notre pays.nous voyageons... More >>
Lost baggage Claims (REF: AHL DEL EK 34857)
By Ravneet (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) - Apr 7th, 2014
Hi, My in laws travelled with emirates from Poland to Delhi on 15/03/2014. On reaching Delhi, what they find is one of their luggage is missing, which was transferred by mistake to another airport. Finally, they received their bag on 19/03/2014 in the evening. On contacting emirates... More >>
Lost baggage
By Deci Armadiani (Orlando) - Feb 11th, 2014
I travelled with my husband, from Jakarta to Orlando, US. Flight EK 201 was arrived 1 hour late in JFK. Our next flight to MCO, change from Jetblue 0283 to Jetblue 183 @ 6.30pm. We arrived in MCO @ 9.30pm. We didnt find our 2 luggages. We have reported to baggage report. Our luggage... More >>
The airline that doesn't care.
By Ron A Sewell (Cyprus) - Jan 19th, 2014
My recent experience with Emirates is this airline does not care about passengers. Most employees I contacted would not make a decision outside their pay grade. Apart from the cup of coffee spilt over me by a cabin crew member,I did not exist. Even then I was only offered a tissue.... More >>
Leaving Ghana
By Richard Cole - Jan 11th, 2014
I wnt to Emirates ticket office in Kumasi Ghana to purchase a ticket for Bangkok. Now I can't leave because they want to see that I have travellers checks for $5000 before they can issue a ticket. They say it an airline "obligation' to keep passengers safe during a transit flight. ???riminal act is more like it.
By anonymous - Oct 13th, 2013
hi greetings..where can i contact the HR department
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