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Outside of the most basic information that all companies will have (its name, postal address, and telephone number), below is a list of free and paid features that a company can use to enhance its company's business listing webpage or improve its company's popularity on TEN Yellow Pages.
Free Features
Company Information
The inclusion of a company's profile will provide details of its services, products, and possibly prices. Other displayable information include the company's working hours, relevant keywords, year of establishment, loyalty reward programs, stock symbol, and company specific information like airline codes, airport codes, and swift codes (for banks).
Enhanced Profiles Company profiles are normally a sentence or two long, but can also be a categorised list of information like for hotels [example], restaurants [example], and schools [example]. A profile can also include a list of a company's staff, like in the case of a clinic [example].
Additional Contacts
In addition to the main telephone number of a company, any other telephone or fax numbers can also be included, along with text that describe their purpose. Other contact numbers that can be displayed include the company's toll free number and telex number.
Web Contacts As a telephone number is a basic means of contacting a company offline, companies can include their website, facebook, twitter or email address as a means of contacting them online.
Business Location
A postal box (P.O. Box) mailing address isn't sufficient for customers to locate a company's physical location, so business listing webpages include a company's physical address (building name, street name, and district name), as well as an interactive map of its location.
Related Companies
Associate related companies together whether they are branches, parent or subsidiary companies, sister companies, companies within its premises, or other related companies.
Company Logo
The inclusion of a company's logo within its business listing webpage will improve its brand noticeability.
You can add or modify any of the above features on your company's business listing
webpage by clicking the 'EDIT' or 'OWNER?' links on the webpage.
Paid Features
Media Gallery
[live example 1]
[live example 2]
[live example 3]
As they say that "a picture is worth a thousand words", business listing webpages can include an assortment of photos, videos, audios, documents, and links. Photographs are displayed with a maximum dimension of 800x600 pixels, videos can be included in various formats (flv, avi, etc) or from online sources (youtube, facebook, etc), audios in various formats (wav, mp3, etc), and documents are acceptable as pdf, doc, xls, ppt, or compressed (zip, rar, gz) files.
Cost: One-time fee of AED 250 and AED 50 per change (addition or replacement)
Note: Videos, audios and documents are to be hosted on the company's website.
Company Advertisement
Companies can include an image advertisement of their company on its business listing webpage with a maximum size of 420x270 (a width-to-height aspect ratio of 5:3).
Cost: AED 500 per year
Sponsored Link
Companies can get exposure on their competitor's business listing webpage in this form, and its scope can be as targetted as a single competitor or as broad as a complete category.
Cost: AED 100 per link per month or AED 500 per ten link pack per month
Homepage Logo
Companies can have their logo visible on the home page of TEN Yellow Pages, which will provide it with optimal exposure to visitors, as the homepage is the most visited webpage.
Cost: AED 250 per month, AED 600 per quarter, and AED 1,500 per year
If you would like additional information,
please contact us through the form found here.
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